Our story

17 Nutrition emerged from a challenge we personally faced – the escalating costs of sports supplements. While there were cheaper alternatives, they often resulted in low-quality products with inadequate nutritional value. That’s why we started looking for high quality ingredients for our products, and a way to keep our costs low so that it would be accessible to everyone.


We wanted to deliver high-quality supplements with our own formulas, but we quickly discovered that many manufacturers only provided ready-made products. Modifying the composition was not possible, or it incurred high costs, which would translate to a higher selling price for us. That’s why we searched for a company capable of combining and packaging the ingredients we supplied. This approach gives us control over the quality of each ingredient and composition. Additionally, it lowers the purchase price as we can buy directly from the factories, making it more cost-effective for our customers!


What makes, for example, a ‘protein shake’ a good product? In our view, it’s about the quality of ingredients and, of course, the composition of those ingredients. A significant amount of time has been invested in developing the right formulas. We conducted extensive research on the effects of each raw material, but it also had to perform well in practice. Therefore, we tested and adjusted many formulas ourselves until we achieved a product that met our standards. We deemed it important to include as few unnecessary additives as possible so that the active substances in the product remain highly concentrated. To this day, we continue to listen to customer feedback to consistently evolve and improve our supplements.

Quality of raw materials

The composition would be worthless if we used cheap and impure raw materials for our products. That’s why we visited a significant number of manufacturers to work with the highest quality ingredients. To verify this, we have all our final products tested at an independent laboratory to ensure that the quality is up to standard. This commitment to quality is also reflected in our online store.


Now, we have a high-quality product that we’ve been able to produce relatively inexpensively. We could have kept the price high to operate with significant margins, but that’s not our vision. We’ve chosen to make sports supplements accessible to everyone. Therefore, we operate with small profit margins and eliminate unnecessary costs. This allows us to keep our prices low while delivering top-quality supplements.

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