Vegan Protein

> NOTE: Pea protein provides a somewhat grainy structure
86% Protein
> Mix of Broad Bean/Pea Protein
> 1000 grams (25 servings)
> 34 grams of proteins per shake!


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Vegan protein

Please note it is packaged in a whey protein bag, with a new sticker for vegan on it

This product is perfect for anyone who wants to consume less or no animal products. The vegan protein that we have made from 17 nutrition is a mix of broad bean protein (to keep the amino acid profile well mixed), and a part of pea protein (sandy protein). It has become a nice mix with a protein percentage of almost 86 percent! This is a test production that will be produced in larger quantities after feedback from our customers. The question is, would you rather only use broad bean protein so that it is not a sandy protein shake, but at the expense of the amino acid profile, or is this current recipe with a mix good for you? Let us know and enjoy the introductory price of 9.95 per KG now!

Why a protein shake?

Besides water, proteins are the most abundant organic substance in the body. Proteins are the building blocks from which our body is built: our hair, skin, muscles, connective tissues and so on. It maintains, repairs and builds our muscles and connective tissues. In short: without protein, we wouldn’t be able to function. That is why it is important to meet your protein needs. Can’t you handle this? Then it is advisable to supplement your protein consumption with this protein shake. (The chocolate may form lumps)

Laboratory test:
Unfortunately, our Vegan protein has not yet been laboratory tested!

How to use?
Protein shakes are very popular because they are easy to prepare and quick to consume.

  1. Fill your shake cup or mixer with 300ml water or (Vegan) milk.
  2. Add 40 grams (2 scoops) of Vegan Protein.
  3. Shake or mix until all lumps are gone.
  4. Ready to drink! We recommend taking 1-4 shakes per day depending on your protein needs.Storage: Store in a dry and cool place. Keep out of reach of children and animals.


Nutritional values: (Chocolate contains 81.6g protein/100g)

1 serving (40g)100g
thereof sugar0,6g1.42

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